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WHAT IS ANOINTING?  Anointing is from the Hebrew word massach, which means  to anoint, literally to cover, rub or smear with oil.  During biblical times, copious amounts of oil were used and all were aromatic.
anoint 18Similarly, the word Messiah (from the same roots or Christ) means the anointed one.

WHO WAS ANOINTED?  Kings, priests, prophets, objects in the temple.   Anointing flowed from the head down.
Ancient OrganicsWHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF ANOINTMENT?  To sanctify or set apart for the Lord (Old Testament).  To know your oneness with God.   Since animal sacrifices were made in the Temple, all objects were anointed, both to  dispel odors and to prevent infection.

SECULAR ANOINTING:  Healing, embalming, beautification, hospitality.  A modern form of healing through anointing is the Raindrop technique.
rain flowersBIBLE PASSAGES:  EXODUS 30:24; 30:34  Recipes revealed to Moses for the holy anointing oil and holy anointing incense were only to be used to sanctify the priests and objects of the temple.  “Whoever compounds any like it or whoever puts any of it on an outsider shall be cut off from his people.” (Ex. 30:33)
waters stillAgain in the recipe for the holy anointing incense is the caveat “And the incense which you shall make according to its composition, you shall not make for yourselves; it shall be for you holy to the Lord.  Whoever makes any like it to use as perfume shall be cut off from his people.” (Ex. 30:37-38)

THE CONSECRATION OF THE PRIESTHOOD and the tabernacle and all the objects in it  (Lev. 8:1-12; 21:10)  Psalm  133:2  “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!  It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down upon the beard of Aaron, running down on the collar of his robes!  It is like the dew  of Hermon (sacred mountain,  MBD) which falls on the mountains of Zion!  For there the Lord has commanded the blessings, life for evermore.
anoint 5SAUL’S  CORONATION:  I Sam. 10:1  “Then Samuel took a vial of oil and poured it on his head…  JEHU ANOINTED KING:  II Kings 9:1  Then Elisha the prophet called one of the sons of the prophets and said to him, “Gird up your loins, and take this flask of oil in your hand…  JESUS TEACHES DISCIPLES TO ANOINT:  MARK 6:7-13:  “So they went our and preached that men should repent (Aramaic for turning back to God).  And they cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them.
anoint 7  JESUS ANOINTED BY MARY OF BETHANY:  Matt.26:6-13; Mark 14:3; Luke 7:36-50; John 12:1-8.  In the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and John, the woman is identified as Mary of Bethany.  (Metaphysically, the devotional soul).   In Luke, it is a “sinful woman” who anoints Jesus.  Jesus uses this anointing event as a teaching on forgiveness.
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Although Jesus told the disciples a number of times over the 3 years that he would be crucified and resurrected, the message did not sink in.  The women, however, representing the intuition and feeling nature of the soul,  anointed Jesus with the oils of spikenard and myrrh, both oils used for embalming.  Spikenard was brought from the Himalayas in India in alabaster jars and used only for priests, kings, or high initiates.  Myrrh was a fixative oil, increasing the potency and longevity with whatever it was blended.   Spikenard is correlated with the faculty of power and myrrh with the faculty of life.
anoint 13In the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, Jesus is anointed on his head.  In the Gospels of Luke and John, Jesus was anointed on his feet.
anoint 45 BURIAL:  When Jesus was taken down from the cross, Nicodemus and Joseph of Aramathea wrapped Jesus in Myrrh and Aloes (sandalwood)  John 19:38
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Life is the power of the mind to activate, appropriate.  (Genesis 2:7)  The Revealing Word says “Life is that expression of Being which manifests as animation, activity, vigor.  Life is the acting principle that propels all forms into action.”  Life is the faculty which unites all the faculties and brings them into expression.
myrrh 6
Life is divine, spiritual, and its source is God.  The river of life is within man as his spiritual consciousness.  He comes into consciousness of the river of life through the quickening of Spirit.  He can be truly quickened with new life and vitalized in mind and body only by consciously contacting Spirit.  This contact is made through prayer, meditation, and good works.”  The Revealing Word
myrrh 3
DISCIPLE who represents LIFE is JUDAS ISCARIOT.  “Judas represents the unredeemed life forces.  The first step in redeeming the Judas faculty is … affirming our unity with the Spirit of purity.  When the Judas faculty reaches the spiritual standard of life it is known as Judah, whose office is prayer and thanksgiving.” Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
myrrh garden sweet cecily
JESUS knew that it was sense consciousness that would betray him, and made no effort to escape.  Betrayal necessary for resurrection and was therefore, good.
myrrh 5REPLACEMENT FOR JUDAS is MATTHIAS, meaning totally given unto Jehovah. LOCATION in body:  Generative organs.
myrrh oil plus MYRRH (commiphora myrrha), mowr Hebrew, meaning more bitter.    Resin from trunks and limbs of tree of same family as frankincense.  A scraggly thorny tree, prefers basaltic soil to limestone, bark brittle and cracks of its own accord.  Resin dark and tear shaped.  A SYMBOL OF ETERNAL LIFE.
MYRRH played a significant role in every event of Jesus’ life:  Birth, Anointing, Crucifixion, Burial in preparation for the Resurrection.
myrrh grounded large
MYRRH is the most common fixative oil, meaning that it enhances and increases the longevity of the oil with which it is blended.  MYRRH was an ingredient in both the Holy Anointing Oil  and Holy Anointing Incense.
myrrh gum large
MYRRH (350 litres) found in King Tut’s tomb when opened in 1924, still potent. CHEMISTRY:  Sesquiterpenes 62% deprograms miswritten information on DNA at cellular level.  ANCIENT USES:  Pregnancy, labor, childbirth, preventing infection, preventing or removing stretch marks.  Umbilical cords of newborn; embalming.    
myrrh 2
BIBLE REFERENCES:   Mt. 2:11 (gift at birth); Matt. 26:7; John 12:3 (anointing  woman); Mk 15:23 (crucifixion😉 John 19:39 (burial); Esther 2:12  ( preparation for marriage;) Ps. 45:8 (oil of gladness;) Song of Sol. 1:13; 3:6; 4:6; 5:1.
myrrh bundle large


ELIMINATION is a spiritual faculty whose function is elimination, release, or letting go through a process of denial.  Our faculty of saying “no,” which can be used either as preventive or a corrective.
Hysssop flower
It is just as necessary that one should learn to let go of thoughts, conditions and substances in consciousness, body and affairs when they have served their purpose and one no longer needs them, as it is that one should lay hold of new ideas and new substances to meet one’s daily requirements.” Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.
hyssop large unique
The DISCIPLE who represents ELIMINATION is THADDEUS:  warm hearted, courageous.  Fearlessness necessary for proper elimination in mind and body.
hyssop seeds niceThe LOCATION in the body is the Abdominal region.   Hyssopus officinalis (Hyssop) is the associated plant and herb.  Its Hebrew Root:  Esob or Holy Herb; liberation; throughout the scriptures, hyssop depicted as the oil for purification.
hyssop oil bottles
A highly colored shrub, 12-24 inches high, with pink, blue, white, lavender flowers) native to southern Europe, the Middle East and region of the Caspian Sea.
hyssop mexicanThe stem is woody at the base from which grow a number of straight braces.  Steam distilled from stems and leaves.
hyssop beautiful closeup -feature in bodyCHEMISTRY:  Monoterpenes,  Sesquiterpenes, Phenylpropenoids (emotionally cleansing and balancing).
hyssop ground for facialBIBLE REFERENCES: Psalm  51:7 (David’s repentance over Bathsheba incident when confronted by Nathan;)  ; Ex. 12:22 (Passover— hyssop branch struck on the lintel and doorpost released the oil); Lev. 14:17 (cleansing of lepers along with cedarwood);  John 19:29 (crucifixion—Jesus offered hyssop branch known as a pain killer for suffocation).
hyssop seeds close upANCIENT USES:  Absorbing guilt, cleansing of leprosy and the emotions behind it, addictions and destructive habits, respiratory relief, decongestant, protection against plague.
Hyssop bushMODERN USES:  Anti-asmathic; anit-infectious; antispasmodic: anti-viral; decongestant; diuretic; and sedative;  help with coughs, colds and fever, parasites, regulating lipid metabolism.
hyssop anise large


ORDER is the power that we each have to establish right connection, synchronicity, internal guidance and discernment which result in a proper sequence of unfoldment of order in mind, body and affairs.  We are created in the image and likeness of Spirit, Divine Mind, God, which is harmony, which is progress, which is the evolution of our minds, bodies and souls.
gal 2Ella Pomeroy says that ORDER is our ability to perceive and cooperate with the law of growth.  The DISCIPLE representing ORDER is James (supplanter) of  Alphaeus (leader, chief).  A tax collector like his brother Matthew (representing will).  Human will and order is supplanted by divine order.
gal 8Putting our lives in ORDER requires putting first things first.  Charles Fillmore’s Twelve Powers of Man says “[i]t is in recognition of the power and the presence of God that all our strength and all our ability lie.  If any area of life is in disorder, it can be easily corrected by connecting to the source of order, and then allowing the faculty to perform its function and expand into the outer realm in whatever area it is needed.”
gal 5ORDER is located in the navel, which collects, absorbs, transforms, balances, and distributes the life force (“CHI or KI”).  It is our physical center of gravity while sitting, standing or doing yoga.  It is our storage battery for chi.  It is our first connection in the womb with the eternal world and that connection continues, representing our strongest connecting link to other people.
12 powers bottomGALBANUM (chebenah), which is part of the Parsley family, related to giant fennel is the plant associated with ORDER.  Galbanum is native to Iran and India, distilled from resin derived from stems and branches.  Galbanum gives off an earthy, pungent, balsamic odor which becomes pleasant when blended with the other oils. (Ex: 30:34)

Essential oil“Every communal fast that does not include the sinners of Israel is not a fast.”  Talmud (Keritot 6b)The temple incense included oils with lovely fragrances, but was incomplete without Galbanum.  According to the Talmud, a congregation is not complete without someone who has fallen and who must elevate himself with repentance.  This represents the elevation of evil back into the realm of Holiness (wholeness).
gal oil
HEBREW ROOTcheleb  fat, richest part  When priest made a goat offering by fire, the fat was for the Lord and forbidden for human consumption.  Lev. 3:13-17.
gal 23
 CHEMISTRY:  Monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes (releasing and reprogramming).  MOSES favorite oil:  When used with hyssop, aligns brain with purpose and keeps us on task.  Moses needed that in the wilderness!
gentle falls




WILL is the executive faculty of the mind and the determining factor in humanity.  The Will may be said to be the person because it is the directive power that determines character formation.  The Revealing Word says that when humanity wills to do the will of God, they exercise their individual will in wisdom, love and spiritual understanding; they build spiritual character.”
Ed Rabel said
WILL is the great “permission giver.”  WILL is a spiritual faculty, from a spiritual source and expresses as willingness toward SPIRIT, TRUTH, or GOOD.  WILL becomes WILLFULNESS when exercised as forcefulness or grim determination to get one’s way.
DISCIPLE representing will is MATTHEW, who went from being a tax collector to following the Christ, an illustration of willingness.  LOCATION in the body is the front brain.  Joint occupation in this center with UNDERSTANDING.
GOD’S WILL  is always good.  Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane demonstrated perfect willingness to let God’s will be done.  (Luke 22:42; Mt 26:36-46)

Cinnamon leaf with bark and essential oil

OIL associated with WILL is CASSIA.  CASSIA – an evergreen tree, native to China, sometimes called Chinese cinnamon.  Its leaves are elongated and seem to bow down. HEBREW ROOTqadad, to bow the head in reverence, a picture of willingness.
CHEMISTRY:  Phenylpropenoids 80%  cleanses receptor sites, receptive to God’s will.  Egyptians used CASSIA with clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg to activate receptor sites.  Cassia is mentioned in Ebers Papyrus 16th century, BCE, which contains 877 prescriptions and recipes.
CASSIA, unlike its close relative cinnamon, has white bark, while its essence is more pungent.
KEZIAH (meaning Cassia in Hebrew), Job’s second daughter, born after his return to affluence, represents  the purified soul (white bark) expressing true perception and discrimination. Metaphyshical Bible Dictionary  Like her father Job, who went from self-righteousness to righteousness.
BIBLE REFERENCES:  Ex. 30:24 (Holy anointing oil) Psalm 45:8 (oil of gladness); Job 42:14 (Keziah, Job’s second daughter).  PROPERTIES:  Antioxidant; anit-inflammatory, anti fungal anti-bacterial; anti-viral.


UNDERSTANDING is the ability of the mind to know or to comprehend  God as supreme knowing.  The Revealing Word says “SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING is the quickening of the Spirit within.  Spiritual understanding is the ability of the mind to apprehend and realize the laws of thought and the relation of ideas one to another.”
ONYCHA 2INTELLECTUAL UNDERSTANDING comes first in the soul’s development, then a deeper understanding of Truth principles, which, in turn, opens the way for revelation.  The DISCIPLE who represents understanding is Thomas which means joined, conjoined, twin.  Thomas represents reason and intellectual perception; and is called the doubter because has to see in order to believe in the resurrection.

Einstein says, “Every man knows that he does best in his work and accomplishes most when he has attained a proficiency that enables him to work intuitively.”  Twelve Powers of Man.  

The OIL associated with UNDERSTANDING is ONYCHA.
ONYCHA (Styrax benzoin), an absolute extraction from the resin of the benzoin tree, dark sage green about three feet tall.  Native to India, China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam.  Most viscous of all oils consisting of Di and Tri Terpenes, heavier than mono or sesquiterpenes.
ONYCHA OIL 2HEBREW  root sh cheleth, meaning aromatic shell; fingernail in Greek since the resin is sometimes translucent like a thick fingernail.

BIBLE REFERENCES:  Exodus 30:34 (Then the Lord said to Moses, “Take fragrant spices—gum resin, onycha and galbanum—and pure frankincense, all in equal amounts, and make a fragrant blend of incense, the work of a perfumer. It is to be salted and pure and sacred); Sirach 24:15 ( Like cinnamon and acanthus, I have yielded a perfume, like choice myrrh, have breathed out a scent, like galbanum, onycha, labdanum, like the smoke of incense in the tent); Genesis 1:14-19 (fourth day of creation); Exodus 28:30 (Also put the Urim and the Thummim in the breastpiece, so they may be over Aaron’s heart whenever he enters the presence of the Lord. Thus Aaron will always bear the means of making decisions for the Israelites over his heart before the Lord.)
ONYCHA is associated with Egyptian god Khepra or Ra, sun god, who pushes the sun (enlightenment) across the sky.
SHOREIn the TAROT,  ONYCHA is the perfume for the path of the charioteer between Binah (understanding) and Tiferet (balance).  The charioteer’s emblem is the sun; behind him on the card is the moon (will); he gives understanding to the Fool about how to defeat an enemy.  The black and white horses that the charioteer directs (representing the subconscious and conscious mind) draw in unisonAn understanding of Truth inspires a willingness to follow its path.
ONYCHA  is also the name of membrane that functions as a door into the interior of  a shellfish. Just as understanding progresses from the head to the heart, so too the scent of onycha is associated with the path from Binah (understanding) to Tiferet (the heart center).ONYCHA 4


The Revealing Word says that IMAGINATION  is the faculty of mind that images and forms; the power to form and shape thought.  Through this faculty, the formless takes form.
IMAGINATION is the full expression of divine mind expressing in us, the true image and likeness of God co-creating in, as and through us.  In The Twelve Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore writes that “[m]an and the universe are a series of pictures in the Mind of Being.  God made man in his image and likeness.  Man in his turn is continually making and sending forth into his mind, his body, and the world about him living thought forms embodied and imbued with his whole character.”
SANDALEWOOD3Fillmore says “imagination uses the universal language of symbols to communicate the Will of God, and it is up to us as co-creators to give form to the ideas and visions.  Heaven is the realm of ideas and potentials that are ours to claim and the earth is the realm where we form them into material things.  When the form and substance are balanced, the idea will endure.”
ALOE 9Joseph represents Imagination in the Old Testament, the increase of endless supply.  The disciple representing Imagination is Bartholomew, which means preparation of new growth, new development, new prospects, new seeds.  Its location is in the middle of the forehead between the eyes.
redhawk eyesThe Biblical references for Imagination are Genesis 1:9 (” And God said ‘Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let the ground appear'”); Genesis 37: 5-28, 39-46 (Joseph’s dreams); Daniel 2 (Nebuchadnezzar’s dream); Acts 9 (something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again); Acts 10:9-16 (Peter’s vision).  The oils associated with Imagination are Aloes and Sandalwood.
SANDALWOODIMAGINATION AND SANDALWOOD (Santalum album).  The Hebrew root word for Sandalwood is Ahaliym (Wood Sticks); its resin rare and it is highly valued.  Tree develops slowly over several hundred years.  ALOES steam is distilled from bark.  It opens the third eye, the seat of Imagination.  Its chemical name is Sesquiterpenes, it has the highest on ORAC score.
SANDALWOOD4Aloe-Sandalwood Oil removes negative programming from cells.  Its anti-tumoral, anti-viral, immune stimulant, anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, calming, sedative, and tonic; calms and balances the emotions; it is also stimulating and grounding.
SANDALEWOOD2ANCIENT USES: Embalming, beautification, mood elevating, assistance in meditation.
ALOE DEMOMODERN USES: Cancer care, viral infections, skin care, enhances deep sleep, supportive of female and reproductive and endocrine systems; urinary tract infections, wound healing; awakens the latent life force during meditation.
ALOE 14BIBLE REFERENCES: Numbers 24:6 (Balaam blesses Israel, comparing her to Aloes planted by the Lord); Psalm 45:8 (“All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia; from palaces adorned with ivory the music of the strings makes you glad”); Proverbs 7:17 (“I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon”).
Song of Solomon 4:14 (“Your plants are an orchard of pomegranates with choice fruits, with henna and nard, nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with every kind of incense tree, with myrrh and aloes”); John 19:39 (“Nicodemus brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about seventy-five pounds. Taking Jesus’ body, the two of them wrapped it, with the spices, in strips of linen. This was in accordance with Jewish burial”).
aloe sandlewood 15


POWER, represented by Spikenard, is the faculty that allows us to transform energy from one plane of consciousness to another, from potential into actual manifestation. We have had this power from the beginning of time, when humanity was created in God’s image and likeness.  We witness this power in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, when he said “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.”  (John 2:10 )
spikenard 9Jesus said “You shall receive power, when the Holy Spirit is come upon you.” (Acts 1:8).  The SOURCE of Power is the Silence.  The SEQUENCE of Unfoldment is through Silence, Thought, Word.
spikenard 2
In the Twelve Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore said that “[w]hen enough people have attained this power, the new heaven and new earth (described in the twenty-first chapter of Revelation) will appear.”
spikenard 7
Philip is the disciple who represents power, which in Greek means lover of horses.  Power is located in the throat, which controls all the vibratory energies.  The throat is the open door between the formless and the formed worlds of vibrations pertaining to the expression of sound.  ( See Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)
spikenard oils 1
The oil associated with Power is  SPIKENARD (Nardostachys jatamansi).  SPIKENARD–Hebrew root Nard, meaning an earthy fragrant plant, originates in India.

gif candle 2Its properties are Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, relaxant, immune stimulant.  It helps clear and elevate the mood.

ANCIENT USES:  Perfume, skin regenerator, incense, embalming; used only by priests, kings, or high initiates.

MODERN USES:  Allergies, migraine, nausea, cardiovascular support, tachycardia, relaxing, soothing, emotionally calming, mood elevating, insomnia, nervous tension, menstrual problems.
spikenard 5


ZEAL, represented by the Rose of Sharon (cistus), generates spiritual motivation, which results in the unfoldment of our greatest good, manifesting as an inspirational desire for fulfillment, through energy,  exuberance and enthusiasm.  It is the unlimited force behind all things, inciting wind, storm, tides, the very breath of life, demanding us to move forward.
Charles Fillmore’s Twelve Powers of Man says that we must cooperate with the energy generated by zeal.  Otherwise, you “impede the growth of the soul.”  The Deuteronomist says “I, your God am a zealous God.”  (Deuteronomy 5:9)  Each one of us has this spiritual faculty of energy expressing in, as and through us.
rose of sharon shrubThe disciple representing zeal is Simon the Canaanite.  Simon means hearing, receptivity and Canaan means zeal.  The Canaanites dwelt in the lowlands, so this faculty, originating in the sub-consciousness is life to spiritual consciousness.

An example of a character representing zeal is Paul.  He was both zealous in killing Christians and then zealously following Jesus.  (Acts 1:13a)
rose of sharon dryIn Psalm 69:9, the Psalmist says “For zeal for thy house has consumed me…”    Overactive zeal can consume vitality, leaving nothing for spiritual growth.  Thus, spiritual balance requires that we not be overtaken by zeal.
rose of sharon seeds
The Rose of Sharon is a perennial shrub with showy five-petal flowers from white to purple. It was one of the first aromatic substances used in ancient times.   Its leaves were coated  with sticky, aromatic resin.  In  biblical times, this resin was collected from goats and sheep that came back with it stuck in their hair, and the shepherds discovered that it healed  wounds.  rose of sharon in snowRose of Sharon demonstrates zeal in its growth as an invasive plant found from Morocco, through the Middle East to Spain and France.  It is sweet, honey scented with many properties of myrrh, such as cell regeneration, wound healing and reducing inflammation.  It is believed that the oil carried by the Midianites was Rose of Sharon, mixed with myrrh.
rose of sharon 3
Rose of Sharon, which is not a true rose, is stimulating to the senses of  touch, feeling, sight and sound.

candle gifIt may help quiet the nerves, calm  the insomniac and elevate the emotions in meditation.

Isaiah says (Isaiah 35:1-2), “[t]he wilderness and the dry land shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom; like the crocus it shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice with joy and singing.

The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it, the majesty  of Carmel and Sharon.  They shall see the glory of the Lord and the majesty  of our God.”


 MYRTLE 10LOVE is represented by MYRTLE.  Myrtle leaves are clustered in groups of threes but all grow from same point on the stem.  Leaves are heart-shaped.  Sacred plant of the goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.  Aphrodite, born from sea foam, sought in her nakedness refuge in a myrtle bush.  Many brides wear myrtle as a symbol of chaste love and beauty. MYRTLE (myrtaceae) is steam distilled from the leaves of a large evergreen shrub.  Its Hebrew name is Hadassah, meaning from the tree, mistakenly translated as Esther.

BIBLE REFERENCES:  Deut. 6:4  –Law of Love–“Hear, O Israel:  The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.  And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart…”  The word echad translates as ONE, comprised of more than one ; Esther 2:7-9:32  (the dissolving power of spiritual love); Isaiah 41:19 (deliverance and prosperity)and 55:13 (joyous return of the redeemed); Nehemiah 8:15 (feast of the Tabernacles , commemorating the deliverance from the wilderness.

ANCIENT USES:  Feast of the Tabernacles Nehemiah 8:15;   Lev.23:33-44;   PROPERTIES:  Antimutagenic, liver stimulant, thyroid stimulant, prostate stimulant, normalizes hormone imbalances, sinus and lung decongestant, CHEMISTRY:  Monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes  Emotional clearing:  clearing of anger, elevating, and euphoric

MYRTLE FILLMORE  not her given name, but a childhood name that stuck.    Today MYRTLE oil is found to be a cure for TB.